The Lye Saga
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Story twelve

since rob likes the lye saga more than me, hes gonna continue it for the next few stories.

Things have been pretty calm since the Cornelius incident. Everyone has either
been training or relaxing, or in Chi-Chi's case, worrying. Well one day Goku and
Krillin were heading to their secret training place when the sky turned black.
"Who the HFIL is making a wish?" They flew to where the dragon was summoned and
saw a little black thing which looked like Mr. Popo. Except this thing was evil.
He didn't notice Goku and Krillin land and made his wish.

"I wish for the evil smurf known as Reggie to be brought here on Earth." The
dragon sat there for a moment and then spoke. "Your wish has been granted." The
dragon disappeared and the dragonballs scattered and in their place was a little
green smurf. Goku, the idiot he is, called out to him.

"Hi! Um, what are you?" Goku just stared at the green thing as the Popo wannabe

"I am Ronald Mcdonald's half-brother, Marvin. And this is Reggie, the evil
smurfoid. He is my slave and now he's gonna kill you both." Marvin waved his arm
towards Krillin and Goku, and Reggie started walking towards them. He stopped
halfway and turned to Marvin.

"Fuck you! I ain't noone's slave!" He jumped off the ground and kick marvin in
the chin, sending him flying backwards. Then he walked up to Marvin and took off
his hat. He pulled on it and stretched it until its was big enough to fit a
couch in. He threw Marvin inside and shaped it back into a hat. He looked back
at Goku and Krillin and said, "This is the part where the smurf's kicked me out
of smurfville." He put the hat on his head. Instantly, he grew to twice his
height and his muscle's surged. Goku and Krillin nearly flew back when the felt
his power. He was equal to Super-Saiyan Two. He gave the two Z warriors a quick
smirk and disappeared.

"Um, Goku. What just happened?" Krillin asked.

"Uh, Marvin made a wish and brought Reggie to life and -"

"That's not what I meant! Did you feel his power? He took one person's energy
and now he's stronger than everyone but you, and you would still have to be
Super-Saiyan three to beat him! What do we do? If he steals one more person's
life, he'll probably be stronger than all of us!" Goku's slightly intelligent
warrior side kicked in.

"We have to kill him before he gets the chance to gain anymore energy. Get the
others. Tell them to meet at the Capsule Corp."

They flew sperate ways and started gathering everyone. After he was done getting
people, Krillin started talking to himself. "Why do things like this always
happen in a way that effects me? For some reason all the crazy people in the
universe either live on earth or come here to fuck up our lives. I can't take it
anymore!" Suddenly Krillin heard a voice in his head. "Krillin... Krillin can
you hear me?" Krillin stopped dead in the air. "Who are you?"

"You don't reconize my voice? I know it's been a long time and all... But you
don't even remember your old trainer, Alzo?"

"Alzo! Wow, I havn't talked to you for ages! But I'm kinda in a rush, what did
ya want?"

"The time has come, Krillin. I have something to tell you..."


Everyone was gathered together and Krillin told them what happened with Reggie
as Goku emptied out Bulma's kitchen.

"Shit Shit Shit! This always happens. There's always some little bastard who
tries to take over the world." Vegeta was pissed off and shot a huge kiblast and
Cornelius. He countered with one of his own and they battled on for a while.

"So what do we do?" Bulma asked.

"We take him on in an all out brawl," Piccolo answered.

"But what about that hat of his? It'll swallow us all up," Gohan exclaimed.

"What else are we supposed to do?" Goten inquired.

"He's right. It's our only choice. Let's go! And remember, watch eachother's
backs." With that, Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Goten, Gohan, Cornelius, Ubuu, Trunks,
Halamoii, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien, Chaozu, and even 18 (Even though Krillin didn't
like it) headed towards the strongest power they could feel (Other than Goku).
They found Reggie chasing around some birds.

"That's the enemy? It's just a fucked up little prick!" Cornelius was about to
fly off when the little prick called out to him.

"I'm a fucking smurf ya jackass!" Reggie flew into the air and head but
Cornelius in the back, sending him sprawling on the ground. He got back up,
turned around, and fired his Triendo, An attack where multiple ki blasts go
under the ground then come up right under the opponent as one huge attack. It
hit Reggie directly and sent him flying backwards. He landed on his feet and
stood there, unscratched.

"How the fuck??? That's my strongest attack! I can't believe it!" Cornelius just
stood there and stared.

"That's it you piss me off!" Reggie charged at Cornelius full speed and slammed
his fist into chest, causing him to cough up blood. Reggie then elbowed him in
the back, and kicked him repeatedly until he fell to the ground.The whole time
everyone just stood there watching. Reggie started taking of his when Trunks hit
him in the back of the head with a small ki attack. It had no effect and Reggie
quickly scooped Cornelius into his hat.

"Daddy! You son of a bitch! You took my daddy!" Halamoii out as her hair flashed
golden and her eyes turned green. She had gone Super Saiyan for the first time!
She flew at Reggie full force.

Will The Z warrriors be able to defeat Reggie? What did Alzo tell Krillin? Can
Cornelius be rescued from the smurf? Find out next time in Story 13: The battle
rages on!